Buy with Confidence.

Have you ever wondered about the Safety of Products that you buy in the Shops, Online, at Car Boots?

I remember once upon a time these things never occurred to me. That is until I had my daughter, suddenly I started to notice every little thing about things I bought for her, strange stamps and symbols on labels, Safety guidelines on her toys and Textile Contents Labels on her Clothing. The more I saw them, the more I looked at them. Being honest, I didn’t really understand what I was looking for, but I knew they must be of some importance and since I was purchasing these items for the most precious and important person in my life…. they just had to be there!

It has only been in the last year I have began to understand a lot more about Safety and Regulations on these items. When I started the long and painful (But worthwhile) process of developing my Business Plan, doing my research and getting my ideas on paper I suddenly realise what I am dealing with….Little people!

mammy baby play

A little person- just like my own, the most important little things in our lives, just like my daughter is in mine.  It got me thinking how you would do absolutely anything to protect your little one… whether they be one day old little or eighteen years old little, they’re still our babies and we owe it to them to get the little things right….Right?

So in searching for my products, the type I would use, not use and things I would avoid, I made sure I did my research. It took me a long time to source reputable suppliers that supplier exactly the type of products I needed and most importantly, Products the are safe. I have learnt a lot about CE Certification, Trading Standards and general Safety of all things ‘Kids’. Now, I am going to share just a few little things with you, with the hope that with a small bit of education, from a not so educated individual (well, I am a bit educated) will help you with understanding the guidelines on Children’s Safety when buying.

Toys and Safety

So, Have you ever seen this little symbol on your Children’s toys? I hope so! 

What does this mean?  This is what is known as the ‘CE Mark’. It is required by law to appear on all Children’s toys that are placed on the market anywhere within the European Union. This is a stamp to show that the product passed all European Standards. This symbol shows us that the item In question that bears this symbol are intended for sale in the EU Market and that they meet all the essential safety requirements. Followed on from the actual symbol itself, there is often additional information which is very important to be taken seriously and followed, after all they are written for a reason! Such information may include something like; ”Containing small parts” ”Not suitable for children under 3 years old.”

Anything you purchase for your little one, take a look for these important symbols, these items have been tested, rated and given specific safety guidelines for a reason. If you purchase any toy that does not include this symbol they may not be safe, why take that chance!

Here is a useful link for further information on Toy Safety:

Now, what about Children’s Clothing?

Safe Clothing

I know we often check labels on our kiddies clothes and mainly we are looking for the size and sometimes the make. But what about the other pieces of information they hold, how important are the? The answer is very!

Labelling on textiles. Here is an easy to follow piece of text which nicely explains the Labelling of Textiles Laws (

”All Textile items must carry a label indicating the fibre content, either on the item or the packaging. This label does not have to be permanently attached to the garment and may be removable.

The label should be durable, easily legible, visible and accessible. If the product is supplied to a wholesaler the indication may be contained within business documents – for example, the invoice. A textile product consisting of two or more fibres accounting for 85% of the finished product should be marked with the fibre followed by a percentage – for example, cotton 80%, polyester 15%, nylon 5%.”

Business Companion

Firstly not only is it nice to know what components make up the garments you have purchased but also it is very important, especially for those who suffer from allergies etc. It also of course is an indicator to washing indications for the item, which should also be clearly visible on all items that comply with Trading Standards.

One more thing I am going to mention is regarding NightWear. I know its something we have all seen and heard of over the years but it can’t get much more important that this!

All Children’s nightwear must be labelled with the correct safety information and be clearly visible. This is to inform you whether or not the item meets flammability requirements of the relevant Standards. If it does not it must have a label, printed in red text, stating ‘keep away from fire’.

Also all Children’s nightwear must be safe in regards to chocking hazards that may be caused by cords, fasteners and buttons, avoiding strangulation and/or entrapment.

Now that you know a little bit about only a few points relating to Trading Standards and CE Certification you can feel more confident about purchasing for the most important little people in your lives!

All Itsy Bitsy Butterflies Clothing is Trading Standard Approved

At Itsy Bitsy Butterflies I take great care in sourcing the best products I can find that are Trading Standard approved, CE Certified and of the best quality. I stay clear of certain products that I am uncomfortable with and research my items thoroughly before I make the decision to stock them within my business. Also any Character items that I may stock, and have in the past are all Official and licenced Character products only.

Thank you for reading my very first blog!! I hope you found it beneficial in some way 🙂  –